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Giving art a Queer voice

“It started out as a participant project about queer language and cataloguing,” Roma says “The Whitworth’s collection is a really Victorian collection and I think that allows for thinking about things across time, I think it also gives a language for people who aren’t queer to understand what it means to read things queerly."

The Whitworth gallery has over 60,000 works in it’s collection, some of which are from 1470 and relate to queer culture..

Ibtisam Ahmed, the head of policy and research

Iris – ‘Love And Other Disasters’ Album Review

A few months back, Rosa Bown interviewed Iris about her upcoming album, and the date is finally here! On the 4th of June, Iris released ‘Love and Other Disasters’ and damn is this album a whirlwind. Here’s her take on it.

‘Love and other disasters’ will be Norwegian pop star Iris’s debut LP, following the release of her two previous EPs, with both fans and critics likening her musical output to her fellow Norwegian musician, Sigrid. You can find out more about Iris here.

The second I listened

Fame, Sexuality and Finding Her Voice: Norway’s Next Pop Prodigy Iris

24 year-old Norwegian musician Iris is getting ready to release her debut full length album in June. Rosa Bown sat down with her to talk about how she found her way into music and what we can expect from the new album.

With a nordic electro-pop style similar to the likes of Sigrid and Aurora, Norway’s most recent prodigy, Iris, is well set to burst onto the global pop scene with the release of her first full length album at the start of June this year.

Anti-mask protestors clash with police in Piccadilly Gardens in anti-lockdown demonstration

Police dispersed anti-lockdown protesters in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester on Sunday during a protest organised by Rise up Manchester.

The anti-lockdown protest started at 1pm in the centre of town and later the police stepped in to disperse the large crowd, most of whom were not socially distancing or wearing masks.

At the start of the protest there were only a few dozen officers visible, but when some protesters refused to disperse and got rowdy, being aggressive towards police as they wa

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